27 November 2016

forever yours?

loving you is the easiest thing,
staying is another.

11 October 2016

untuk selamanya,

semoga rasa ini
tak henti kita bagi
atau nanti

cepat kembali.

03 July 2016

berapa lama lagi

saya boleh merasa setara dan tidak lagi berhutang maaf?
karena selamanya tidak akan datang seperti ini.

19 June 2016


its scary and hopeful and confusing and beautiful all in the same time
and i just want to feel it together

26 May 2016

love language:

nothing says 'i love you' quite like undivided attention

20 May 2016


where am i going from here?

27 March 2016


the hypocrisy is making me sick.

25 March 2016

dissolve me

I don't want to be here anymore.

21 August 2015

currently on my mind

It always come as a slap in the face every time I realize that people don't always think the same way like I do. And that is funny, isn't it? I should've always known that that is the case. That is not new. But still. The fact that we're always expecting people around us to think, assume, and perceive things the same way as we do is dangerously wrong. And life always has its own ways to make us forget that.
Things would be so much different, if not better, if we can truly understand things from other's perspective. If I can see the world through your eyes, hear music through your ears, feel love through your heart. If I can be you and see me the way you see me. That's the only way we know we're experiencing the same thing. The only way we know we're not promising something we cannot give. The only way we can truly trust anyone other than ourselves.

If only there's a way to find out.

04 May 2015

at the end of the day,

no one is going to save you,
you can only be saved by you.

can you?

25 April 2015

floating around :

i am not in it

i am not it.

06 April 2015

she's so unhappy
it's quietly killing her

"wouldn't be so bad"
and so she thought.

22 March 2015


yang ada hanya hampa
antara tawa atau air mata
bukan hanya luka apalagi bahagia

yang ada hanya hampa

06 March 2015

i have never felt more betrayed.

16 January 2015

good night

that looks like you
that feels like you
that smiles like you
I need someone just like you 
love me true
I'm forever blue
because there's no one else like you

no one else like you - adam levine